Underwear and sportswear 100% Made in Italy

Thermal Underwear

Clothing designed for those who practice winter sports and for those who work or train in cold temperatures.

Wool -15 to 0 degrees

Extreme -5 to +10 degrees

Energy  +5 to 20 degrees

Discover the Risalti thermal underwear line that best suits you!

Discover the Risalti thermal underwear line that best suits you! The garments guarantee breathability, elimination of sweat and always dry skin, thus helping to keep the body warm, isolated, protected. Based on the different combinations of yarns used, we obtain garments suitable for different temperatures.

Merino Wool

For highly technical garments, perfect for guaranteed protection from the cold while ensuring high breathability on the skin, you can rely on a fabric composed of Merino Wool and Polypropylene. This combination ensures an excellent technical garment, able to combine softness, warmth and breathability and to remove sweat from the skin and thus better cope with even the coldest temperatures. Merino wool compared to other wool is thinner, it is very soft and does not itch on contact with the skin. Polypropylene is an innovative fibres, it has thermal characteristics superior to synthetic fibres and resistance superior to natural ones. It is always dry on the skin, being an insulating and bacteriostatic fibre maintains body temperature and does not promote the formation of bacteria.



Ideal for mid-season. Thermal underwear ideal to wear in the colder months and as the only layer in the warmer seasons.

  • Uomo

    Intimo termico in lana merino


Thermal underwear designed to be worn like a second skin. The garments are made with special SoftAir plus® yarn that guarantees comfort, breathability and thermoregulation. In fact, the fibre transports sweat very quickly to the outside of the garment thus allowing you to always have dry skin and constant body temperature. Thanks to seamless technology, garments are obtained with seams reduced to a minimum and with different mappings and knitting points according to the needs of coverage or breathability. Antibacterial and anti-odour treatment* resistant to washing.


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