Underwear and sportswear 100% Made in Italy

RisAlti Collections

Our articles are produced entirely in Italy with certified yarns. The garments obtained are of high quality, soft and elegant, perfect to always guarantee the wearer the maximum feeling of comfort!

  • Highlight the shape

  • Highlight the shape


Soft and comfortable garments with a clean and elegant cut for daily use.

  • Highlight the shape

  • Men's Basic


The textile products made of bamboo fibre have a hand similar to that of silk and are also very resistant over time. Its fibre naturally possesses a special anti-bacterial agent that makes it particularly suitable for contact with the skin. The fabrics obtained from bamboo are very soft, definitely much more than cotton, warm, naturally elastic and delicate, for this reason they prevent redness and irritation.
Our garments give an enveloping feeling of comfort and warmth, with an elegant second skin effect that will adapt beautifully to your shape.

  • Bamboo Women

  • Bamboo Men


Our shaping underwear is characterized by excellent fit, able to enhance your shapes in the best way, remaining invisible and discreet under your clothing. It contains without compressing, remaining extremely comfortable and making it perfect for everyday use.


Cashmere fibre is considered a valuable fibre for its characteristics; it is very soft, with a hand similar to silk, gives a feeling of enveloping warmth and is extremely delicate on the skin.


Comfortable and functional garments, ideal for training but also for leisure.

  • Women’s Activewear

  • Men’s Activewear

Thermal underwear

Our thermal underwear is designed for those who practice winter sports and for those who work or train in cold temperatures.
In fact, the garments guarantee breathability, sweat elimination and always dry skin, thus helping to keep the body warm, isolated, protected.
Based on the different combinations of yarns used, we obtain garments suitable for different temperatures.
Discover the Risalti thermal underwear line that best suits you!

  • Thermal underwear

  • Merino Wool for Men

  • Energy for Women

  • Energy for Men